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The iconic pasta causing an Italian-American dispute…

The iconic pasta causing an Italian-American dispute…


Step 1
Add guanciale to a cast iron frying pan and place on a burner. Fry the guanciale until crispy, rendering out the fat. Collect the melted fat, put it in a bowl, and set aside. (It will give an unmistakable flavour to the dish.) 

Step 2
In a bowl, add the egg yolks and a small ladle of cold water, and mix well with a whisk. Set aside.

Step 3
Fill a pot with water, add salt, then allow to come to a boil. Add the pasta and cook until al dente according to the package instructions.

Step 4
Drain the pasta, reserving the cooking water, and put the pasta in the bowl with the egg yolks. Mix, adding small amounts of the reserved cooking water until you’ve reached your desired consistency. Add the rendered fat and crispy guanciale.

Step 5
Finish with the ground pepper and pecorino cheese.’s World’s Table “smashes the kitchen ceiling” by changing the way the world thinks about food, through the past, present and future.

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